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Our Edison bill used to range from $400 to $450 every summer. We had been researching and trying to find a solution for this. Then we started thinking about solar. In the beginning we were scared with solar energy cost. Now with government tax credit it was easy. Now our bill is about $10 a month.
Universal Wiring has been excellent.

Don, Chino

We were so stressed out with the high electricity bill. Every month it increases and cannot control over Edison’s bill. It looked like we were at mercy of Edison. We always thought not to turn our central AC on in 95 degree. So here comes Universal Wiring, with their great and excellent service we don’t care about Edison’s bill anymore because we are generating 80 to 90% of my own power. My family is enjoying the coolest summer ever. Thanks to Universal Wiring. I greatly recommend their services to my friends and family.

Larry, Pasadena

Universal Wiring has Installed Solar at our house two months ago. They came out; they got it done in two days. They gave a great deal; Their sales agent is very knowledgeable and they work was super clean. No false promise. What exactly they told me in the beginning, they kept their promise. We also signed contract with them to maintain the solar panels twice a month. We didn’t need to worry on anything. They took care from A to Z. It was an awesome and relieved experience working with them. Everyone was easy and friendly

Patrick, Riverside