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Auto Charging Station

Auto Charging Station

Universal Wiring offers Solar installation for Auto Recharging Station for your Electric Vehicle

Our solar auto charging stations are ideal for businesses or homeowners. For any EV charge connection  our solar charging station is compatible to traditional source of electricity. Our complete Solar EV Charging station qualifies for utility cash rebates and the 30% federal tax credit.

The recharging station produces enough power to supplement electricity for EV's or allow the extra power to spin your electric meter backwards, reducing your electric costs.

These charging stations can be used in gas stations, shopping malls, theater complexes, convention centers, parks and sporting facilities.

The Solar Charging Station will give The electric vehicle owner will have the ability to charge their EV by using these solar charging stations and give them way to save money in uprising traditional gasoline. They can go anywhere and enjoy any event with any worry of cost.

Cutting Edge Grid Tie Technology

Our solar panels are attached to the Solar EV Charging station that are connected to the grid located on the back of each solar panel.

The Vehicle owner can monitor the energy production of the solar panels on their EV Solar Charging Station online with the modern smart monitoring solution which is included in the complete package.