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About Us

About Us


Universal Wiring LLC is a family owned company that has been in business since 2013. We have handled areas within a 50-mile radius from our headquarters located in a great central location in La Habra off Lambert and Palm St. Not to say we haven’t gone out of the area but we have had to try and keep it within this area to be competitive in helping to keep our costs down for our customers.

Within these 5 years we have become a leading professional solar company in commercial and residential industry. Our company has extensive industry knowledge and partnerships within the solar industry creating high value, low cost green energy alternative for our customers. Since then we started providing excellent financial, lease and PPA programs. ‬

It’s hard to believe when we first started out installing panel upgrades, rewiring homes and fixtures to code. That we would grow bigger and branch out into installing PV Solar Installations for Residential customers in the 1st year then later during the year we quickly merged into the Commercial side. Within this time, we saw many issues with roofs before the installation and thought it would be smart to get into the business of roof installations as well as fixes for all types of roofs for Residential and Commercial buildings to code.
Just because we wanted to get into the businesses of Electrical, Solar and Roofing doesn’t mean we went out and said to ourselves, we are going to go out and just start doing these types of skills. We actually did our homework, interviewed for the skill sets, hired people with the knowledge and training as well as the certificates and licenses to make sure our customers are satisfied completely. We didn’t stop there though, we made sure to hire the same type of mentality in the office as well with the same credentials, certificates of training, and experience to help our customers. This has help us lead our employees to another level and keep us going strong.

Universal Wiring is here to help you to take back control and save you in electricity costs with their cutting-edge solar electric system. All our clients are able to virtually eliminating their electric bill and significantly reduce the impact on the environment.  As well as add a new roof or fix up the old one in order to extend the life of the roof a little longer.

All of our employees undergo rigorous training and are held to the highest standards!

  • Professionally we have over 16 years of experience, between electrical and roofing construction and 5 years of solar installion
  • We can handle any installation
  • We are able to handle both Residential and Commercial jobs
  • We are Licensed, Bonded and Insured
  • We have a Quick Turnaround

Universal Wiring is dedicated to helping the planet GO GREEN and making it SIMPLE to do it!

Paulo Fransico Prado is a HomeAdvisor Screened & Approved Pro